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  • Bags

    Electrolux vacuum bags offer durable construction with maximum dirt and dust capacity. 

  • Belts

    We have the proper size and style motor belt to keep your Electrolux vacuum running longer with superior cleaning performance. 

  • Filters

    Electrolux premium vacuum and air purifier filters offer exceptional filtration protection against airborne dust, dirt, and other harmful allergens. 

  • Maintenance Packs

    Our Maintenance Pack subscription service delivers quality Electrolux bags, belts, and filters directly to your doorstep. 

  • Accessories

    Explore our wide selection of  tools, accessories, scents and cleaning solutions.

  • Parts

    Genuine Electrolux replacement parts are designed specifically to work with your Electrolux vacuum cleaner.

  • Steam Cleaner Accessories

    Electrolux has the steam accessories you need for your steam mop.  Check out our assortment of steam mop pads and accessories.

For floor care products manufactured and sold prior to December 1, 2003, under the Electrolux brand CLICK HERE. These products were manufactured by a different company, Aerus LLC. To receive additional product service information, you can visit their web site or you can contact their Customer Service Department at 1-800-243-9078.


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Refrigerators & Freezers

Right interior wall in the upper section.


Location may vary, but commonly found on the lower right side of the storage drawer.


Location may vary, but commonly found on the lower right side of the storage drawer.


On the side of the door.


Right side panel or inside the door.

Air Cleaners

Bottom left hand side on the back of the unit.

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