We're passionate about better living

For taste as nature intended. For Better Living.

Experience the kitchen suite designed to enhance nature's flavors and inspire culinary creativity.

Better Living means: amplifying nature's unique flavors

Enhance juiciness, texture and flavor with our in-oven sous vide. This technology uses air instead of water to deliver perfectly-cooked salmon filets and other delectable proteins.

There's clean, and then there's Electrolux clean

Exclusive SmartBoost® technology provides the most effective stain removal.*

Stains don't stand a chance

SmartBoost® is the only technology that premixes water and detergent for the most effective stain removal.

Say goodbye to over-dry

LuxCare® dry uses a more precise sensor to prevent over or under-drying.

Building a sustainable future together

Electrolux is dedicated to better living, partnering with others who share our vision of a better tomorrow.

*AHAM HLW-2013 tested against leading competitors with suggested retail pricing of $899.