California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Disclosure

Part of the Group’s work with human rights is to ensure that Electrolux is non-complicit in infringements in forced and bonded labor within its sphere of influence.

An aspect of the Group’s commitment to human rights is to check that forced and bonded labor does not exist along our value chain. All suppliers are expected to uphold high standards of labor practices as defined by the Electrolux Workplace Code of Conduct, which has clearly stated provisions on labor standards.

All suppliers are required to operate in line with the Code of Conduct and the Code is included either in procurement contracts or in a separate formal agreement signed by the supplier. The Electrolux Responsible Sourcing Program ensures that suppliers meet our expectations by monitoring compliance and building transparent and supportive relationships. Suppliers located in high risk countries are subject to regular auditing. Those countries deemed at risk to forced and bonded labor within our sphere of influence include China, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico as well as Romania, Poland and Turkey.

As requested in the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, Electrolux confirms the following: 

 (1) On an annual basis, Electrolux verifies risks and conditions regarding forced and bonded labor in our product supply chains. The risk analysis is conducted by Electrolux, using input from Verisk Maplecroft, a global agency that monitors political, economic and social risks.


(2) Electrolux conducts audits of suppliers to evaluate supplier compliance with company standards, including forced and bonded labor in supply chains. In 2015, 427 (361) audits were conducted by Electrolux auditors, 61 (11) of which by third-party assurers.


(3) Through insisting on compliance to the Code of Conduct, Electrolux requires direct suppliers to certify that materials in the products comply with local laws regarding forced and bonded labor. 


(4) Electrolux maintains internal accountability standards and procedures for employees and contractors. All employees and contractors are expected to uphold the Code of Conduct. Training on ethics and Code of Conduct, including human rights are ongoing internally within the organization.


(5) Electrolux provides employees who have direct responsibility for supply chain management, training including practices to manage incidents of forced and bonded labor. Internal procurement professionals are trained in responsible sourcing procedures, and are only allowed to procure from approved suppliers.

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