Front Load Perfect Steam™ Electric Dryer with PredictiveDry™ and Instant Refresh - 8.0. Cu. Ft.

This model is no longer in production

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the advantages of an Electrolux Dryer?

Electrolux Dryers have amazing features that allow you to effortlessly keep up with your family’s wardrobe changes. The large capacity and fast dry times of our newer models save on energy-use and time.


Where can I locate my Model and Serial number?

The serial tag is located on the inside of the door or door well, depending on the model.

Don’t forget to Register your Electrolux product. Once you have registered, you will receive the Electrolux e-newsletter filled with expert advice. You will also have easy access to your warranty information and product care tips.

Download the Owner’s Manual on the Owner Support page for additional information on your product.


What are the benefits of registering my Electrolux Product?

Once you have registered, you’ll receive the Electrolux e-newsletter filled with expert advice. You will also have easy access to your warranty information and product care tips.

Through June 20, 2019, Electrolux is offering you the opportunity to extend any one-year coverage on parts to three years at no cost to you, provided that you register your washer or dryer with Electrolux within 60 days of purchase, delivery or closing.* See full details

To Register Your Product you will need your Model and Serial number which can be located on the inside of the door or door well, depending on the model. You will also need to provide the date of purchase as shown on your receipt. It’s always a good idea to save this information.

 You can drop your product registration care in the mail. If you have any questions, please contact Electrolux at 1-877-435-3287.


What is the best way to care and clean for my Electrolux dryer?

For optimal care of your dryer, please refer to the guidelines included in your Use & Care Guide.

However, here are some quick tips:

Interior -

  • It’s very important to clean the lint filter after every load. Lint build-up on the filter restricts air flow, which causes longer drying times.
  • Occasionally a waxy build-up may form on the lint filter and/or moisture sensing bars from using dryer-added fabric softener sheets.  To remove this build-up, simply wash or wipe them with warm, soapy water. Dry the filter thoroughly before placing back in the dryer.
  • Every 18 months it is recommended to have a qualified service professional clean the dryer cabinet interior, lint screen housing and exhaust duct. These areas can collect lint and dust over time. An excessive amount of lint build-up could result in inefficient drying and possible fire hazard.

Exterior –

  • Clean the dryer cabinet with mild soap and water. Do not use harsh, gritty or abrasive cleaners as they may damage the finish.
  • When cleaning chrome parts, it is best to use only a damp cloth.

What are Pedestal Drawers and what are the benefits of using them?

Electrolux Pedestal Drawers can help you organize your entire laundry room. They’re perfect for storing laundry supplies, extra towels, cleaning supplies and more. They can also ensure your washer is at the optimal height for loading and unloading.

If Pedestal Drawers won’t work in your laundry room, you may also consider using a Stacking Kit.


How can I tell if my unit has reversible doors?

All Electrolux dryers have reversible doors.  However, not all Electrolux Front Load Washers have reversible doors. You can check your model here or find it in the Installation Guide section of your Complete Owner's Guide, which is also available on-line.


What does Energy Star qualified mean and how can I tell if it applies to my unit?

Products that are Energy Star qualified are equivalent to or better than standard products, with one important difference: they use less energy. To earn the Energy Star rating, products must meet strict energy efficient criteria set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or the U.S. Department of Energy. These products can help save money on your electricity bill and protect the environment by reducing harmful emissions from power plants, as well as providing all the features and quality you expect.

When shopping for an appliance, it’s easy to recognize the Energy Star label that identifies qualified products. This label signifies that the product passed stringent standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy. Additionally, manufacturers are required to display their products test results on the Energy Star label. The label will tell you about the product’s efficiency level, including approximately how much energy the appliance uses, its average annual operating cost and how its energy use compares with that of similar products.

For more information, click here.


How do I select my Options?

Electrolux Dryers come with a variety of dry options. Your Owner’s Manual will give you more information on those applicable to your model.

For 400, 500 and 600 series models:
To select or delete an option, press Options; scroll through the options until the indicator light for the desired option flashes, then press Set. The indicator will be illuminated when the option has been selected and the light will go off when the option has been deleted. 

To change a cycle option once the cycle as begun, simply press the Start/Pause button, make a new selection and press Start/Pause again.


What is Perfect Steam™ and when is it best to use?

Electrolux’s Perfect Steam™ technology is a feature that is available on some models. It reduces wrinkles and freshens clothes, and has an “Add Steam” option that can be selected with many cycles.

Download the Owner’s Manual on the Owner Support page for additional information on your product.

Friendly reminder:  It is not recommended to use fabric softener sheets with steam cycles or steam options as it may cause staining on your clothes.


What is Instant Refresh and when is it best to use?

Our Instant Refresh cycle can be used to refresh fabrics, remove odors and reduce static by injecting the perfect amount of steam into clothing that has been left in the dryer, stored in closets, drawers or unpacked luggage.  Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for more information on your dryer options.


What is Predictive Dry?

Predictive Dry is a feature available on some models to help detect the dampness levels of your load.  Models equipped with the Predictive Dry feature use the first 90 seconds of Auto Dry cycles to sense the load in the dryer. During this 90 second period, the LED display will show 3 dots (…) cycling one to the next. When the sensing is complete, the LED display will show the remaining cycle time in minutes and will accurately count down to the end of the cycle.


What is Fast Dry and when is it best to use?

Fast Dry cycles are recommended to quickly dry small loads. The Fast Dry times vary by model.  Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for more information on your dryer options. 


What is ECO Mode?

The ECO option reduces the drying temperature by a few degrees to save energy.  Working in conjunction with the automatic moisture sensors, cycle times will increase slightly but overall energy usage will decrease.Depending on your model and the cycle you have selected, ECO mode may be activated as part of the default settings.  You can deactivate ECO mode by pressing OPTIONS until ECO mode is selected, press Select once while ECO mode is flashing.


What is Wrinkle Release?

The Wrinkle Release option helps prevent wrinkles and tangling by tumbling the dry load without heat for 5 out of every 10 minutes. The cycle of 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off is repeated for a total of 45 minutes.


What is Extended Tumble and when is it best to use?

The Extended Tumble option should be selected if you cannot remove the dried load promptly at the end of the cycle.  It will result in the load tumbling continuously without heat for an additional 30 minutes.  

You can select Wrinkle Release and Extended Tumble together to increase the amount of time the load will tumble without heat for up to 75 minutes. 


How is a Ventless (Condensation) Dryer different than other Electrolux Dryers and what do I need to know to optimize the performance?

A Ventless or Condensation Dryer is an eco-friendly unit that does not recycle heat from your home. It’s smaller than a traditional dryer and easy to install.

The condensation process requires access to cool air. Therefore, the laundry room or closet door where the unit is located should be kept open to allow for proper air circulation.

This type of dryer may have extended drying times compared to a traditional front load dryer.

The water container should be emptied after every load – unless the draining kit has been installed. The condenser also requires periodic cleaning. Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for detailed care and cleaning instructions.


How often do I need to clean my dryer or the lint screen / filter to optimize my drying performance?

It’s important to clean the lint screen / filter before or after drying each load of laundry. Excessive lint buildup can block the flow of air and hinder the drying performance.

It’s also a good idea to regularly inspect and clean the entire outdoor exhaust and venting. You can also wash the lint screen in warm, soapy water to remove any residue, then dry it thoroughly before replacing.


How do I clean my clamshell style lint filter (applicable on some models)?

If your dryer has a clamshell style lint filter, just follow these simple steps to clean before or after drying each load of laundry:

  • Press down the center tab on the top of the filter to open the clamshell.
  • Gently clean the lint from the filter.
  • Snap the filter closed and place back in the dryer.

Some friendly reminders:  DO NOT open the clamshell style filter beyond the hinge limit.  And, always handle the clamshell filter by the frame, not by the mesh material.


What should I do if my dryer does not start?

If your dryer does not start, it might be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Some models have a Power button that must be pressed before you select the dry cycle and options.
  • Once you have selected the dry cycle and options, don’t forget to press Start.
  • Some models have touch screens (similar to Smart Phones) which means you must use your fingertip to make selections on the control panel.
  • If you dryer does not start right away, check the LED display to see if 3 dots (…) are scrolling.  If so, that means the Predictive Dry feature is sensing the dampness of your load.  This process takes approximately 90 seconds. When the sensing is complete, the LED display will show the remaining cycle time in minutes and will accurately count down to the end of the cycle.  
  • Make sure you have not unintentionally activated the Delay Start option.
  • The dryer door is open. The door must be completely closed for the dryer to run.
  • The power cord may not be plugged in or the connection may be loose. Check to be sure the plug fits tightly into the wall outlet. NOTE:  Do not use an extension cord.
  • A fuse is blown in your home or a circuit breaker is tripped. If this is the case, reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse (but do not increase the fuse capacity).  If you have an overloaded circuit, contact a qualified electrician to correct it.

If you are unable to resolve an issue or need more information, please contact us.


Can I do anything to help decrease wrinkles in my clothes?

If you have a Perfect Steam™ Dryer, its advanced technology will remove wrinkles and freshen clothes. You can also select the "Add Steam” option with many cycles.  Depending on your model, you may want to use the “Wrinkle Release” or “Extended Tumble” options.

In general, for best results when drying your clothes, follow these simple steps:

  • Do not overload your dryer. Clothes need room to tumble freely.
  • Select the appropriate cycle setting and temperature based on your fabric care labels.
  • Select More Dry for loads that need more time, and Less Dry if you want the load to be damp dry for ironing.
  • Remove items from the dryer when the cycle is done. As soon as the cycle is complete, hang or fold your items. To remove wrinkles from clean, dry clothes, select “Instant Refresh” cycle (available on some models) or tumble them on low heat for 10 or 15 minutes.
  • When using fabric softener / dryer sheets, please refer to your Owner’s Manual (use not recommended with steam options).



Is it normal for my dryer to make sounds or noises?

Some noises are perfectly normal with your Electrolux dryer.

  • The dryer drum is supported by a set of suspension rollers.  At times there may be a thumping or rolling sound when the dryer starts. This may happen if the dryer has not been in use for a period time, or after a heavy load has remained in the dryer drum for an extended period time. The noise should go away as the dryer operates.
  • Your dryer is equipped with a high volume air handling system.  In some cases there may be sounds associated with air movement throughout the dryer, including the air duct, blower, and exhaust system. This is normal and can vary with the load size.
  • For Gas models:  You may hear a clicking sound during operation as the valve opens and closes to control the gas flow.
  • For Gas models: When the gas burner is operating, there may be sounds generated as the air flow mixes with the gas flame. This noise is normal and will only occur when the gas is ignited.

Some additional tips if you are experiencing other types of noises:

  • Check for belt buckles or other fasteners on clothing items being dried that may cause rattling or clanking sounds. TIP: Fasten these items or turn your clothing inside out to reduce sounds.
  • Check the pockets!  Rattling and clanking can also be caused by loose or foreign objects such as coins in the dryer drum.
  • Simply stop the dryer and check for any objects.  If you don’t find anything and the noises continue, try running an empty load to see if the noise persists. This will allow you to determine if the noise is coming from the dryer or an article of clothing.

If you are unable to resolve an issue or need more information, please contact us.


My dryer seems to take a long time to dry a load of clothes. Can I do anything to adjust this?

If your dryer seems to be taking too long to dry a load, try the following:


If your dryer seems to be taking too long to dry a load, try the following:

  • Clean the Lint screen / Filter after every use. You can also wash the lint screen in warm, soapy water to remove any residue, then dry it thoroughly before replacing.
  • Check the cycle or temperature setting. Some cycles or options require more time to dry such as Low Heat, More Dry or Eco. 
  • Do not dry a load that’s too big or too small.  If your dryer is over-loaded, it will take longer to dry your clothes. Items need room to tumble freely in order to dry well, and you also need enough items in the drum for proper tumbling.
  • Sort the items you are drying. Dry items of similar fabric and weight in the same load.
  • Take humidity into account. Drying times will be longer in areas where humidity is high.
  • Check the dryer’s moisture sensor bars.  To locate the moisture sensor bars, please refer to your Owner’s Manual. Fabric softener sheets can leave a residue on the moisture sensor bars in the dryer, which can inhibit their ability to accurately sense wet clothes. Remove the residue by wiping the moisture sensor bars with rubbing alcohol.
  • Check for adequate ventilation. If your dryer is installed in a closet or under a counter, it might not be getting the ventilation needed for proper drying.
  • Check and clean the exhaust duct. Be sure the exhaust duct is not clogged or blocked. If the problem continues consider having it cleaned by an authorized service provider. Refer to the installation instructions for appropriate placement and size of the exhaust duct.
  • Be sure you’re connected to a 240-volt circuit.  Refer to the Installation instructions.

If you are unable to resolve an issue or need more information, please contact us.


My dryer is running but does not seem to be heating. What should I do?

There are two house circuits or fuses in an electric dryer’s circuit. If one of them is tripped or blown, the drum may still turn but the heater will not operate. If this is the case, you’ll need to reset the circuit breaker or replace the house fuse.

You can also check the following:

  • Cycle or temperature setting. Please note that some cycles will tumble with low heat.
  • Outlet wiring. Have a qualified electrician or installer verify that the voltage supplied is correct (240V).
  • Gas supply value (for gas models only). Be sure the gas supply valve to the dryer is open.
  • Gas supply tank (for gas models only). If you have a gas dryer and your LP gas tank is empty, refill or replace the tank.  If there has been an interruption in the natural gas supply, call your natural gas company.
  • Air supply around a gas dryer. The dryer needs space around it for proper ventilation to support the gas burner. Do not stack or place laundry or rugs against the front or back of the dryer.

If you are unable to resolve an issue or need more information, please contact us.

Rated 3 out of 5 by from looks could be deceiving Reviews are good so off we went to buy this product along with washer less than a week ago but after just one load which was way below the suggested weight load, the bulb behind the door came off as is it was connected at all.
Date published: 2018-11-04
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Stopped working after 10 months, now 3-week wait! We bought the washer dryer set EFLS627UTT + EFMC627UTT . The latter (the dryer) stopped working after about 10 months. We called customer service, and now there is a 3-week wait for the dryer to be serviced ! On top of that, the customer service on the phone was not helpful or sympathetic to our problem, and we have no follow-up number to call back (we want to make sure maintenance people bring the necessary stacking rack for replacement and that 2 people come given that the machine is in a tough spot to get to). So after shelling over $2,000, this kind of customer service is a huge let down, on top of the machine not working... I would recommend LG or Miele, which in my experience have been much more durable brands.
Date published: 2020-10-14
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