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The new Electrolux washing machine combines the Adaptive Dispenser™ with SmartBoost® Technology to make our LuxCare® washing system the most effective stain removing washer, and in our opinion, the best washing machine on the market today.

The Adaptive Dispenser™ Lets Detergent Packs Clean Your Clothes

 Let’s get one thing straight – laundry detergent pods are here to stay. While there are still plenty of powder and liquid detergents on the market today, pods are quickly gaining in popularity. That’s why we’re excited to share one of the newest innovations in our already-loved Electrolux washing machines.

 The all-new Adaptive Dispenser is a detergent chamber specially designed to accept pods alongside other traditional forms of detergent. Until now, pod-lovers had to drop them into their washing machines drum with their clothes. But the new washing machine LuxCare system combines the Adaptive Dispenser with SmartBoost® Technology to make our front-load washing machine the most effective stain-removing washer, and in our opinion, the best washing machine on the market today.



 Why does this create a better clean than other washing machines on the market?

 Pods are a simple and effective solution for any washing machine. You can skip the measuring and avoid the mess, and know you are getting the same great cleaning product in every load. But when you simply drop these detergent packs in with your clothes, there’s no way to be sure it will completely dissolve into the water. There are plenty of stories of detergent packs getting stuck inside clothing or wedged in washer doors. When this happens, the packs can leave behind a soapy residue and even stains on your clothes.

 That’s why our Adaptive Dispenser is the perfect solution to pod users. We designed a washing machine that unlocked the full cleaning power of your favorite detergent packs with a targeted stream of water that immediately starts to dissolve pods before they ever reach your clothing. Then, it’s passed through our SmartBoost system that premixes and activates the detergent with water before it’s finally dispersed over your clothes.

 How easy is it to use Adaptive Dispenser?

 It couldn’t be easier to use! Just drop one or two of your favorite pods into the designated chamber and close the drawer. Voila!



Are detergent pods bad for your washing machine?

 Pods are a simple and effective choice for almost any load of laundry. They won’t damage your washing machine, but if you are simply dropping them in with your load, you do run the risk of damaging your clothes if your pack doesn’t dissolve completely.

Can you still use liquid detergent?

 Of course! There’s a designated chamber for liquid detergent, too. Just measure and pour in your favorite liquid detergent and you’ll still enjoy the unbeatable cleaning power of our SmartBoost Technology.

Are pods better than liquid detergent?

 They are both great options, and our washing machines are designed to get the most from either detergent type. We’ve engineered our washing machine to work with either type of detergent to make an easier and more effective wash than ever.

 But don’t just take our word for it. Our customers are loving the new features in our Electrolux washers – take a look at our washing machine reviews and find out what they’re saying about their experience so far.


 The bottom line…

Our Electrolux washers and dryers are designed with you in mind. With features like our all-new Adaptive Dispenser™, SmartBoost® Technology, Perfect Balance® Quiet Operation, or our LuxCare Wash System, you’ll quickly find out why there’s clean, and then there’s Electrolux clean.

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