Cozy Up With This Fall-Inspired Sangria

Move over, Hot Toddies.

There’s more to wine than sips by the glass. This month, we’re partnering with Sara Forte of Sprouted Kitchen to share tips, insights and recipes featuring wine as the main ingredient.

Sure – sangria may conjure memories of warm summer nights spent sipping drinks outside. But who says summer gets to have all of the fun?

With the right batch of seasonal fruits and seasoning, sangria can earn a permanent spot in your fall cocktail rotation. Not only is it a
great drink to offer with appetizers or small bites party, thanks to its easy drinking, it is also great to make a large batch and have a pitcher (or two) on hand in the refrigerator before guests arrive.

And for the season of parties and socializing, a pretty sangria is just the thing to get people feeling festive.

When it comes to choosing your base wine for this recipe, try a Spanish varietal like Garnacha or Tempranillo. These hearty grapes are excellent for sangria. Zinfandel also provides a rich and jammy background for the fruits, if you have a bottle handy. You can find affordable bottles of any of these at a well-stocked grocery store or wine shop – plan to spend about $10 per bottle knowing the integrity of the wine will change a bit with the fruit and liqueur.

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Autumn Spiced Sangria with Mixed Fruits, Clove & Cinnamon

"I prefer to serve sangria cold, over ice, as it just seems more fun and authentic that way." – Sara

Servings: Makes 1 pitcher to serve 6



1 bottle Garnacha, Tempranillo or Zinfandel

1/3 cup Cointreau or orange liqueur

1/4 cup orange juice

1 apple

1 pear

1 orange

1/2 a lemon

1/2 cup pomegranate seeds

3 sticks cinnamon

6 dried cloves

1 can ginger ale, to taste


In a large pitcher, combine the wine and Cointreau. Core and slice the apple and pear into thin wedges. Slice the orange and half lemon into thin rounds. Add all of the fruit, cinnamon sticks and cloves into the pitcher. Allow the sangria to sit for a few hours in the fridge for the fruit to marinate.

When ready to serve, add half of the can of ginger ale (the full can if you prefer it a bit lighter). To serve, fill your glass with ice, spoon out some of the soaked fruit into the glass and then fill it with sangria. Enjoy.

The sangria may be made one day in advance.

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