Ditch Apple Pie. Make a Tarte Tatin Instead

Discover this French pastry classic at home.

Celebrate the start of fall with our favorite apple recipes. This month, we’re partnering with Ashley Rodriguez of Not Without Salt to share tips, insights and recipes featuring fall’s favorite fruit.

A classic French Tarte Tatin can seem a bit intimidating with its exotic name, the cooked sugar factor and the daunting task of inverting a large skillet. But it’s really quite simple, and while the final flick of the wrist at the end to reveal a stunning dessert may seem scary, its results are incredibly rewarding.

Typically, a Tarte Tatin is made with granulated sugar, but here we swap the white stuff for dark brown sugar, giving a rich butterscotch flavor that ends up creating a lovely sauce to coat the apples and the pastry.

Live.Love.Lux Tip: For a perfect Tartin, you can count on the Perfect TasteConvection technology in your Electrolux Gas Range to circulate consistent heat for even results.

Of course you could make your own puff pastry, but store-bought works well and will likely save you a good amount of time and stress. Note, the best store-bought varieties are the ones that use real butter. If the amount of butter in puff pastry concerns you, a classic pie dough or pate brisee works well here.

To serve the tart, a cinnamon and nutmeg-spiked whipped cream or whipped creme fraiche is lovely, as is a simple scoop of your favorite vanilla bean ice cream.

Apple tarte tartin

Apple Tarte Tatin with Salted Butterscotch

"Gravenstein apples are my favorite for baking, but their season is short and they can be hard to find. So instead reach for a mix: I go for something tart and hardy like a Granny Smith and add in Honeycrisp or Pink Lady for a more nuanced, floral flavor." -Ashley

Servings: 8



1 sheet frozen puff pastry (from a 17 1/4 ounce package)

1/2 stick salted butter

1/2 cup, packed, dark brown sugar

1 vanilla bean, seeds removed

Juice from half a lemon

Flake salt

6 - 8 tart baking apples (Granny Smith, Gravenstein, Pink Lady, Honeycrisp) peeled, cored and quartered


Preheat your oven to 375°F.

On a lightly floured surface, roll out the puff pastry to 1/4 -inch thick. Cut a 10-inch circle from the dough then place on a sheet tray and put it into the refrigerator to chill until ready to bake.

In a large skillet set over medium high heat, add the butter, dark brown sugar, vanilla bean and seeds, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt. Give the mixture a stir then bring to a simmer.

Once the sugar has dissolved and the mixture looks homogenous, add the apples, cut side down, in concentric circles, overlapping them slightly as they will shrink, until the entire base of the skillet is covered. You may need to cut down one of the apples to fit in the middle.

Top the apples with the chilled puff then stick the entire pan into the oven.

Bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour, until the puff is deeply golden and the juices around the puff are bubbling.

Carefully remove the skillet from the oven and let it cool for at least 10 minutes but no longer than 30.

Cover the skillet with a round plate larger than the skillet. Carefully invert the skillet so that the Tarte Tatin now reveals itself apple side up onto the platter. Finish with a sprinkle of flake salt and serve while warm or room temperature.

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