Essential Tips for Greener, Healthier Smoothies

Greens are the perfect boost to a spring smoothie — adding extra nutrition benefits without packing on more sugar as fruit can.

There’s more to greens than sautéed spinach. This month, we’ve partnered with Sara Forte of Sprouted Kitchen to share tips, insights and her favorite recipes using greens.

Smoothies are easy, portable breakfast or snack options, but they can become loaded up with sugar fairly quickly. Adding vegetables in lieu of some of the fruit volume can easily pack in more nutrition while omitting some of the sugar and calories overall. The best part? The taste is not compromised and you start off your day with a healthy serving of green vegetables.

It Starts With the Greens
When blending greens into a smoothie, you may run into the greens being chunky — unless your blender has the horsepower to get a good puree going. The trick to get them smooth, especially in a standard blender, is that you start the smoothie with just the liquid and the greens and run it until they are completely smooth, letting the liquid ensure your greens are blended as opposed to whizzing everything up together. Start small and build up the mass of greens in your smoothie; a full cup of spinach whizzed down can be completely hidden. (And it is not nearly as grassy-tasting as it looks.)

If you want a bit more creaminess to your base, a quarter to a half of an avocado makes everything super smooth. I have learned a few tricks via trial and error, but in general, avocado makes everything — smoothies and beyond — better.

Finding a Fruit/Greens Balance
A general rule of thumb is one part greens to two parts fruit, and a low-calorie liquid as needed. Experiment to your taste. Certain fruits can rise above the green flavor more easily, such as banana, mango or ripe pears. Fruits that are lower in sugar, like berries, don’t cover up the taste quite as well, and can leave the smoothie an unattractive brown color — but this is only a concern of aesthetics.

This recipe sets the standard, but once you start incorporating greens into your smoothies, you will surely find a favorite combo that suits your morning/snack routine.

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Tropical Greens Smoothie

"Fruit is generally sweet enough to cover any vegetal taste you would get from the kale, chard or spinach. I generally go for those darker, sturdier greens to pack in max nutrition but romaine or red leaf lettuce could be pulverized too and likely offer an even more subtle flavor. I also think the green flavor benefits from a little squeeze of lemon, just to brighten things up." -Sara

Servings: 2



1 cup baby spinach

3 large leaves Tuscan/Lacinato kale, stemmed

3/4 cup coconut water

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

1 cup frozen mango

1/2 cup frozen pineapple

Half a frozen banana

Toasted coconut and chopped banana, for garnish



Into a blender, combine the spinach, kale, coconut water, lemon juice and blend until completely smooth and the greens have broken down — about one minute. Add the mango, pineapple, banana and blend again until smooth, adding liquid as necessary to reach desired consistency.

Serve each smoothie with a sprinkle of banana chunks and toasted coconut on top.

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