How to Work Greens into Your Spring Tablescape

Working fresh greens into your table design is a great way to add a seasonal spring feel to your dinner.

So you’re hosting a dinner party. You’ve created a delicious and seasonal menu, downloaded a mood-setting playlist, and stocked up on great wine … but you still want to add a touch of whimsy to your party that guests will remember. Of course, preparing the food is only half of the battle. When it comes to a memorable meal, the experience usually comes down to two things: taste and beauty. As the saying goes: We tend to eat with our eyes, and that goes beyond the food, so a great table display will truly elevate your soiree.

Want to leave an impression on your guest eyes, as well as their stomachs? Looking to go beyond the basic flower display? This spring, consider incorporating fresh greens into your tablescape for a seasonally-inspired look with an extra touch of fun.

When it comes to using organics in your tablescape, remember not to overwhelm the table. Often, simple and clean is best, with only a handful of colors and a subtle mix of interesting textures. We love using greens on the table for the bright, natural color they add. Beyond that, the unique texture and sturdiness of greens like kale and brassica make them ideal for designing with.

Here are a few simple, elegant ways to take greens from the produce aisle straight to your table’s centerpiece:

Swiss chard: For a sophisticated look, try loading rainbow Swiss chard in clear, tall cylindrical vases. Line them up vertically to show off the bright red, yellow and orange stalks next to one another, letting the chard’s leaves create a bouquet of green at the top. To really feature the rainbow of colors in the vase, pair with a crisp, white table cloth.

Kale and cabbage: Dark green kale looks great against the lighter green of cabbage. For a greener take on a floral bouquet, load up a low, wide vase with these hearty greens, to serve as the anchor of your table.

Brassica: For a more straight-from-the-garden feel, roll open the leaves of some green, white and violet brassica and arrange them in a metal bucket. These beautiful greens can almost pass for roses, but are more diverse in their texture and won’t add any competing scents that might battle the meal you’ve prepared.

Purple kale: Don’t forget about the beautiful hue of violet found in purple kale. This ornamental vegetable will look great with various sized succulents and other greens, adding just the right amount of color to a green tablescape.