Relaxing Comes Faster with Electrolux

Get back to relaxing with the Electrolux line of powerful and innovative vacuum cleaners.

Home can be many things – it could be where you hang your hat at the end of the day, it might be where your memories are based, or if you are like me, home is wherever my dog is. Sharing my home and life with my family and pup has redefined a lot of things in my life, including how I clean.

Dogs bring so much to a home. The smiles and laughter, the warmth of having someone anxiously awaiting your return, and of course, they also bring a lot of hair and little footprints on wet days. Having a dog means that you vacuum a little more often or your favorite color takes on a shade of dog hair.

 As much as I love our sweet pup and her lovely soft coat, I do not love to see evidence of her beauty on my clothes, carpets or furniture. As a busy mom of two boys and one cute pup, I love to play, hang out with my favorite people and relax. I can do all of that so much easier when my home is clean, fresh and inviting.

With the Electrolux line of powerful and innovative vacuum cleaners, I can get back to the important business of being a mom so much faster!

With the ProSwivel™ vacuum I can get a seamless, deep clean on my floors in record-breaking time. I love that the head of the vacuum swivels 180° to give me a deep clean even in tight spots! The pro release cleaning wand offers flexibility for all surface cleaning, including in between couch cushions where dog hair and food crumbs like to hide. The onboard cleaning tools offer a whole home cleaning experience for multiple surfaces, including upholstery, to provide an effective and powerful all-in-one tool for the home.

I love that this is an all-floor option for the home that keeps surfaces spic and span from a hardwood floor to the plushest carpeting. With the dust spotter led lights, I know that no spot is left uncleaned or overlooked. The ProSwivel achieves impeccably clean floors in just minutes, helping me get to my relaxation time in no time.

When I need to touch things up in a flash, I turn to the Electrolux Ergorapido 2-in-1 PetCare™ vacuum – it’s such a great tool to have in the home. The Powered PetCare Upholstery Nozzle effortlessly removes stubborn dog hair from furniture and carpets. I love that I can remove the handheld and get to all of those hard to reach areas where Lily, the sweet pup, likes to roam.

This is a really effective 2-in-1 option for pet owners. The battery is designed to last for about 30 minutes of serious cleaning power to tackle tough pet hair and leave my home feeling fresh and inviting.

The removable parts in both the ProSwivel™ and Ergorapido PetCare™ also make is very simple to replace each vacuum’s filter – which should be done every three to six months (who knew?). By changing the filters routinely, both vacuums will stay up to par with our busy family.

Electrolux provides powerful yet affordable options for a fresh home. With continuous consumer research, Electrolux has developed a brand that is known for offering innovative products that help make your life easier and your home more inviting at a moment's notice.