Why Wallpaper Is in Again

Wallpaper isn't what it used to be.

For years, the only options for interior walls seemed to be clean and bare or bright and solid. But recently, interior designers have begun to recognize the eye-catching effect of incorporating bold wallpaper styles into the home - with papered accent walls, bathrooms, or even larger rooms. But be warned: we’re not talking about your grandparents’ wallpaper. Forget simple stripes or florals, and instead think symmetrical patterns, saturated tones, and tie-dye. Yes, even tie-dye.

When and why did wallpaper start trending?

Flavor Paper

Flavor Paper, a Brooklyn-based wallpaper design company, has taken part in the recent wallpaper revolution; the company features bold geometrics, stunning full-sized murals, and even Andy Warhol-inspired wall patterns. Jon Sherman, the Founder and Creative Director of Flavor Paper, explains how “pattern has worked its way back into the mainstream in fashion, so home fashion was sure to follow.” Sherman notes that, while 2006 seemed to be the beginning of the rebirth of wallpaper, it really seemed to “pick up steam” as a home trend in 2009-2010.

What’s IN right now?

With the ability to customize wall designs based on your own home and design preferences, wallpaper options may seem endless. For smaller accent walls, Sherman tends to favor whimsy. “I love the trend of tongue-in-cheek patterns that are popping up everywhere,” the designer explains. He is especially inspired by Konstantin Grcic and Marcel Wanders, two designers who remain unafraid of incorporating bold patterns into their wide range of work.

That said, when it comes to larger sections or rooms, be sure to choose something that adds balance to the space.

For those feeling more hesitant about incorporating funky patterns or murals, don’t panic. Contemporary wallpaper producers are using materials that are much easier to remove or even update.

According to Flavor Paper’s website, their installations are printed on “eco-friendly water activated Pre-pasted (PVC-free, FSC certified, 10% recycled content, mold and mildew resistant) for easy installation and removal.”

In layman’s terms, what this basically means is that the stigma of “it is with you forever” no longer remains true, according to Sherman. Don’t worry if you decide you want to change things up a couple months or years down the line - companies like Flavor Paper will make that change-of-heart possible.

Final advice for first-timers?

Start small. “Pick a feature wall that you want to draw attention to, or a bathroom that you can go wild in,” Sherman advises. Wallpaper can be overpowering in the larger home scheme, so it’s important that a first-timer consider using a pattern that he or she will really love in a way that won’t be too intense.

With so many ways to add unique style to your walls, we think wallpaper is a great addition to consider for your home. What do you think?

Photo credit: Flavor Paper's Snake Bit: Designed by Evan Raney, Rorschach: Designed by Flavor Paper/Andy Warhol, © The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.