Wall Ovens

With a range of intuitive and thoughtfully-designed wall ovens, you can push the limits of your culinary creativity from the comfort of your kitchen.  

Innovations that enhance culinary possibilities

We build our appliances to help people live a more effortless, enjoyable, and sustainable lifestyle. Discover some of our unique product innovations that help amplify nature’s unique flavors.

Air Sous Vide

Lock in moisture and preserve natural flavors with Air Sous Vide, an advanced technology built into Electrolux wall ovens. Controlled heat and airflow help ensure perfectly cooked proteins, crisp vegetables and decadent desserts.

Steam Cooking

Our steam bake and roast functions enhance the natural flavors of a variety of foods, from meat to breads, by creating a crisp, golden crust and a juicy, flavorful inside.

Built-In Air Fry

Create crispy vegetable chips, juicy chicken parmesan and more with just a little oil with Built-In Air Fry.

Electrolux Connect

Electrolux Connect Technology lets you relax or entertain as you monitor food remotely with the Electrolux App on your phone or tablet. 

Elevate your cooking experience

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Explore your culinary creativity

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